Are you unable to pay your swb bill?

Have you received a swb bill or already received a payment reminder and don’t know how you can pay it? Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Speak with swb customer service about your payment problem immediately to find a solution together. In many cases, payment in instalments can be arranged.
  1. If an instalment agreement cannot be arranged with swb: Contact the job centre or welfare offices in Bremen and Bremerhaven or one of the counselling centres.
  • They can suspend the reminder process for a maximum of two weeks.
  • During this time, no additional reminder charges will be incurred.
  • You must agree to ongoing support and will now have two weeks to figure out a solution together with the job centre, the office for social services, the welfare office or a counselling centre and to propose this solution to swb.
  • Potential solutions might include an instalment plan with lower rates or financial assistance from the job centre or welfare office.
  • If swb accepts the proposal, this must be followed to prevent the reminder process from continuing. The offices and counselling centres will support you in this.

What happens when you don’t pay:

  1. After seven days, you will receive an initial payment reminder. Each subsequent reminder will additionally cost you 0.90 euro.
  1. For outstanding bill amounts of 200 euros or more, you will receive notification of a cut-off. This means that after 28 days, your electricity, gas or water supply will be cut off, if you do not pay. No further payment reminder will be sent!
  1. You will be sent the so-called “Yellow Note” (Gelber Schein) eight days before your supply is cut off. This is your final demand for payment and will contain a charge of at least 3.50 euro.
  1. If you do not pay, a service technician will come and cut off your supply. The technician will give you a “Red Note” (Roter Schein). The charge for cutting off and reconnecting your supply will be at least 156,59 euro for electricity and 148,00 euros for gas, water and heat.

You should therefore contact swb in good time!

Is your electricity bill very high?

Make use of the energy consulting services available in Bremen and Bremerhaven and obtain advice about how to lower your electricity consumption. Energy budget consultation can help you get your payment problem permanently under control.