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Förderwerk Bremerhaven

Low-income households in Bremen can contact the energy-saving assistants at WaBeQ free of charge. They are part of the nation-wide energy-saving check initiative and will help you lower the energy costs in your household. The energy-saving check allows you to save an average of 150 euros per year in energy costs.

How does it work?
The energy-saving team will visit you in your home and review your electricity consumption. They will give you initial tips on how to save electricity in your household and save money.

In the energy-saving team’s second visit, you will receive free immediate assistance valued at 70 euros on average. This includes energy-saving and LED bulbs, switchable multi-socket outlets, TV standby shut-off, timer switches and flow regulators for faucets that are installed directly. You will also receive a personal power-saving action plan and qualified tips on how to further reduce your electricity consumption easily. If your refrigerator is old and consumes too much electricity, an additional funding programme will help you acquire a new refrigerator that consumes less electricity.

The energy-saving assistants that visit you in your home are thoroughly qualified for this consultation. As individuals who have experienced long-term unemployment, they understand the everyday problems of low-income households from their own experience.

The energy-saving check is a nationwide community initiative of Deutschen Caritasverband e.V. and the Bundesverband der Energie- und Klimaschutzagenturen Deutschlands (eaD) e.V. and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.

Make an appointment directly or use the form:

Förderwerk Bremerhaven GmbH
Michael Runge
Schillerstraße 92
27574 Bremerhaven
E-Mail: umweltscouts@foerderwerk-bremerhaven.de
Phone: 0471- 30 93 40 6


Privacy policy:
Förderwerk Bremerhaven saves your contact details exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the energy-saving check.

“Verbraucherzentrale Bremen e.V.“ Consumer Advice Centre

Verbraucherzentrale Bremen Bremehaven

The information centres (Beratungsstellen) of the consumer advice centres (Verbraucherzentralen) in the state of Bremen provide support and advice for consumers who have high energy costs and/or are facing the threat of electricity cut-offs.

The information centres provide support and advice on the following topics:

  • Checking your heating bill
  • Energy-saving user behaviour
  • Saving electricity/energy
  • Checking and receiving advice on your tariff or changing your electricity or gas provider
  • Consumer right (energy right)

Energy budget advice:
If you have problems paying your electricity bill, the Verbraucherzentrale will help you

  • Optimally plan your household finances
  • Find energy-saving opportunities
  • Secure your power supply in the long term and prevent electricity shut-offs
  • If you are threatened with an electricity shut-off.

As required, the Verbraucherzentrale assists with managing your outstanding payments, contacting and negotiating with your energy provider and arranging further counselling services.

Energy checks at consumers’ homes:

  • Building check for homeowners
  • Basic check (flat) for tenants and owners
  • Heating check for tenants with the written consent of the owner

Personal energy consultation in the counselling centres is free of charge. The basic check for tenants and homeowners is also free of charge. Further energy checks cost €30. Low-income households with corresponding proof (e.g. receipt of BAföG [federal student’s assistance], housing subsidy, AsylbLG [asylum seeker’s assistance], welfare benefits) receive all energy counselling services free of charge.

Verbraucherzentrale Bremen e.V.
Beratungszentrum Bremen (Bremen Advice Centre) | Altenweg 4 | 28195 Bremen
Energy consultations by appointment: Tel: +49 421 160777

Consultation hours for energy consultations:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Tuesday: 2:00pm-6:00pm
Thursday: 3:00pm-8:00pm

Open consultation hours for consumer rights advice:
Monday to Thursday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-1:00pm

Energy Consultations in Bremen-Nord (in the Stadtbibliothek library)
Aumunder Heerweg 87 | 28757 Bremen
Energy consultations by appointment: Tel: +49 421 160777
Consultation hours: Thursday: 12:00pm-3:00pm

Beratungsstelle Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven Information Centre)
Barkhausenstrasse 16 | 27568 Bremerhaven
Energy consultations by appointment: Tel: +49 471 26194
Consultation hours:
Monday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm Open consultation hours for consumer rights advice:
Monday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm


Bremerhaven Social Services Department

Sozialamt Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven Social Services Department (Sozialamt Bremerhaven) provides support and advice for individuals who claim benefits according to the Twelfth Book of the German Social Security Code (SGB XII) or the German Asylum Seekers’ Benefit Act (AsylbLG). Please note: If the energy debt was incurred while benefits were being claimed, support according to Article 37 SGB XII will be considered.

  • Assumption of debt by means of a loan
  • Repayment of the loan in instalments

The Social Services Department additionally provides support and advice for individuals, who are not dependent on financial aid ,and find themselves in corresponding serious difficulties with energy debt. In such cases, support is provided according to Article 36 SGB XII.

  • Assumption of debt by means of a loan
  • Assumption of debt by means of a grant
  • Repayment of the loan in instalments

Sozialamt Bremerhaven
Hinrich-Schmalfeldt-Strasse, Verwaltungszentrum (Administration Centre) | Stadthaus 4, ground floor and first floor | 27524 Bremerhaven

Opening hours:
Monday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-5:00pm
Wednesday and Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Visitors can, of course, also come to the Social Service Department outside opening hours if they have arranged an appointment in advance.

Tel: +49 471 5902809, +49 471 5902967


swb Customer Service


The swb customer service team offers free consultations on how to save energy, and can provide you with information and advice on the options of payment in instalments.

swb Customer Centre Bremen-Mitte
Am Wall | Sögestrasse

swb Customer Centre Bremen-Nord
Reeder-Bischoff-Strasse 61

swb Customer Centre Bremerhaven
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Strasse 49

swb Customer Centre opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm

Customer service hotline:
Monday to Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Bremen: +49 421 3593590
Bremerhaven: +49 471 4771111

“Fachzentrum Schuldenberatung im Lande Bremen e.V. ” Debt Counselling Centre

Fachzentrum Schuldenberatung

The approved debt counselling centres in Bremen and Bremerhaven provide support and advice for people who have debt problems or are facing a situation of over-indebtedness. The comprehensive consulting services available at the centres deal with topics such as:

  • Preventive debt counselling
  • Creating transparency with regard to payment obligations
  • Producing a budget plan
  • Settlement of debts out of court
  • Supporting and accompanying insolvency proceedings
  • Setting up an account exempt from attachment (Pfändungsschutzkonto)

In the case of low-income households able to provide appropriate evidence [e.g. recipients of basic social benefits and/or unemployment benefits (Hartz IV)], debt counselling costs may be covered by a social benefits provider where applicable. In addition, the city of Bremen provides selected information centres with a lump-sum payment for the provision of support and advice for low-income employees and recipients of “Arbeitslosengeld I” unemployment benefits as an ex-gratia payment.

The Specialist Centre for Debt Counselling in the State of Bremen (FSB) acts as a coordination and specialist counselling centre for its members:
“Fachzentrum Schuldenberatung im Lande Bremen e.V.” Specialist Centre for Debt Counselling in the State of Bremen
Außer der Schleifmühle 53
28203 Bremen
Tel: +49 421 168168

Debt counselling centres in Bremen:

Anker | Daniel-von-Büren-Strasse 23 | 28195 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 16899483 | E-mail: savran@anker-sb.de

a conto bremen | Am Rabenfeld 10 | 28757 Bremen (Vegesack)
Tel: +49 421 6699580 | E-mail: schuldnerberatung@aconto-bremen.de

Arche Schuldnerberatung e.V. | Kapitän-Dallmann-Strasse 1 | 28779 Bremen (Vegesack)
Tel: +49 421 69080081 | E-mail: buero@arche-schuldnerberatung.de

Caritasverband Schuldnerberatung | Georg-Gröning-Strasse 55 | 28209 Bremen (Schwachhausen)
Tel: +49 421 335730 | E-mail: c.elias@caritas-bremen.de

Hanseatische SB e.V. | Rembertistrasse 28 | 28203 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 3648123 | E-mail: e-mail@hanseatische-schuldnerberatung.de

Phöniks Schuldnerberatung e.V. | Daniel-von-Büren-Strasse 23 | 28195 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 1683955 | E-mail: info@phoeniks-sb.de

Schuldnerberatung für Verbraucher u. Kleingewerbetreibende (Debt Counselling for Consumers and Small Traders (SVK)) | Ostertorsteinweg 4-5 | 28203 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 7940979 | E-mail: info@svk-bremen.de

Schuldnerhilfe Bremen | Carl-Ronning-Strasse 7 | 28195 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 8718476 | E-mail: info@schuldnerhilfe-bremen.de

Solidarische Hilfe Schuldnerberatung | Kornstrasse 13 | 28201 Bremen (Neustadt)
Tel: +49 421 5040-35/-36 | E-mail: sb-kornstrasse@solidarische-hilfe.de

Verein Bremische Straffälligenbetreuung Schuldnerberatung (Bremen Association of Offender Counselling: Debt Counselling) | Faulenstrasse 48-52 | 28195 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 792930 | E-mail: VBS@Straffaelligenhilfe-Bremen.de

Verein für Innere Mission in Bremen (Association for Inner Mission in Bremen) | Blumenthalstrasse 10 | 28209 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 15575 | E-mail: schuldnerberatung@inneremission-bremen.de

Die Schuldnerberater | Liegnizstrasse 46a | 28237 Bremen (Gröpelingen)
Tel: +49 421 24162170 | E-mail: info@dieschuldnerberaterev.de

VerbraucherHilfe Bremen e.V. | Pieperstrasse 7 | 28195 Bremen (Mitte)
Tel: +49 421 24276757 | E-mail: info@vhb-bremen.de

Debt counselling centres in Bremerhaven:

Magistrat der Stadt Bremerhaven Schuldnerberatung (Municipal Authority of the City of Bremerhaven) | Stadthaus 3 | Hinrich-Schmalfeldt-Strasse | 27570 Bremerhaven, Germany
Tel: +49 471 590-2556 | E-mail: michael.goldhahn@magistrat.bremerhaven.de

afz Bremerhaven Schuldner- u. Insolvenzberatung (debt and insolvency counselling) |
Lutherstrasse 7 | 27576 Bremerhaven
Tel: +49 471 30944233 | E-mail: sandra.dunker@afznet.de

Betreuungsverein Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven Support Association) | Stedingerstrasse 2 | 27568 Bremerhaven
Tel: +49 471 954590 | E-mail: verein.betreuung@bremerhaven.de